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Why Buy Used? | Reliance Mitsubishi | Fort Worth, TX

Why Buy Used? | Reliance Mitsubishi | Fort Worth, TX
When you’re searching for your new car, who says it has to be new? Buying a new-to-you car, better known as a used car, has a wealth of unexpected benefits.


Affordability is the most obvious benefit when buying a used car. Because it’s already been driven, it will cost less than a new car, even if it’s only a couple years old. This gives you the flexibility to pay less up-front and/or less per month. You might even find that you can pay for a used car in a lump sum instead of through financing, which is improbable with most new cars.

Less Depreciation

While buying a new car is exciting, you’ll also have to accept that they depreciate in value much faster than a used car. That’s because just driving a car off the lot decreases the car’s value by up to a whopping 11%. In the first year of ownership, a new car loses up to 20% of its value. The benefit of owning a used car is that you escape most of its depreciation, in turn, making it a more valuable purchase.

Peace of Mind

Many people think that buying used is risky, but not necessarily. With a simple vehicle report, you’ll be able to see a vehicle’s history, including any defects, problems, or accidents it has had in the past. Think of it this way: if a new car has any problems, the previous owners figured it out for you! When made aware of a previous problem, it’s easier to prevent them from happening in the future.

Special Programs

Many used cars are part of a certified pre-owned program, like Mitsubishi’s CPO Program. These cars come at lower price, just like other used cars, but are vetted by Mitsubishi professionals before being considered a high-quality used car. CPO cars come with the value benefits of a used car and even include a Mitsubishi warranty.

At Reliance Mitsubishi, you’ll find a wealth of quality used cars to choose from; stop by for a test drive.

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